Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Random Dozen: April 7

random dozen I thought I would randomly join Linda for her Random Dozen today.  I am all about random, you know.  If you didn't know that, just look at the frequency of my blogging.  {chuckling}

1. Define a great relationship.

I think a great relationship consists of good communication, a willingness to confess your faults to each other, a readiness to forgive, and a love that is willing to sacrifice your own desires.

2. Why is it called a "drive-through" if you have to stop? (Real question: What was the last food/drink you purchased at a drive-through?)

I think the last time I hit a drive-thru I was picking up a burrito supreme at Taco Bell.  I had a craving, but it didn't even taste good.

3. As I type this, the Butler Bulldogs are getting ready to play in the NCAA championship game. Every Hoosier is hysterical about this except me. So in honor of the Bulldogs ... what is your favorite breed of dog? (I tried.)

Shelties!!!  Are you telling me there are other breeds of dogs?  (By the way, I'm a Hoosier and didn't care about the NCAA Championship.)


4. If you had to move to a state besides the one you currently live in, where would you move?

I guess the lame answer is Michigan.  It's not too far away, and I have many good memories of trips to see relatives there.  If I were to move farther away to someplace different from Indiana, I guess it would be Florida.  I still wonder, though, if I could stand the heat in summer.

5. If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?

My parents should've let me eat more kid cereals.  LOL!  I'm not sure if that's what Linda's really asking, but it's what came to my mind.  Dad didn't always want us eating those sugar cereals like Corn Pops, Fruity Pebbles, Cookie Crisp, Honeycomb, etc... Instead I ate things like Shredded Wheat and Wheat Chex.

6. Who's the funniest person you know?

There's a man who's a member of my church who has a very quick wit.  He is hilarious.  He does celebrity impressions and has a joke for everything.  He always gets us laughing during choir practice.

7. Did you get enough sleep last night?

No.  I haven't been sleeping well in the last several nights.  I've got a lot on my mind, and I've been sleeping restlessly.

8. What's the first thing you thought about this morning?

My first thought was "uuuuggghh!"  I have been dealing with a muscle spasm in my shoulder, and it's pretty harsh first thing in the morning.  The second thing I thought about was needing the Lord's help for the day.

9. Grilled or Fried? --HONESTLY

Well, honestly.... FRIED. 

10. Are you afraid of the dark?

It's not a fear of the dark.  It's a fear of whatever is LURKING in the dark, especially if I've just watched the movie "The Sixth Sense".  Which hasn't happened in a really long time and never will happen again because I know better.  If I read or see anything scary at night, I will run to the bedroom as quickly as I can and pull the covers up over my ears for protection.  (As if the boogeyman is repelled by my blanket.)

11.When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a teacher.  I often played school with my sister.  I had a chalkboard and everything.

12. If you had one word to describe yourself , what would you choose?


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  1. Hi Liz,

    Nice to "meet" you and visit your blog (after seeing you on my Twitter account). I like Shelties too - we had a Scotch Collie growing up and my Grandparents had a Sheltie. Beautiful dogs but too hairy for my liking now and not very hypo-allergenic for all those who visit with allergies now. But gorgeous dogs!!

    Have a great day & hope you get some good sleep soon ;-)

  2. Fun answers. I had a chalkboard on the wall in my room when I was growing up, too!


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