Friday, August 31, 2007

Beautiful Day

Well, Rich took me golfing to our usual 9-hole course today. It was the first time that we both kept score. I wasn't even attempting to outdo him. I was just there to have fun, like he always says to. Wouldn't you know at the end of the game, he did not want to share his score with me? Turns out I beat him. What a beautiful day!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

My Reading List


These are books that I want to read sometime in the next 10 years.  Okay, more like in the next year.  It's important to note that I have a terrible habit of borrowing books from the library and never reading them.  I'm hopeful that one day I will remedy that.  I will cross them off and date them as they are completed.

The Cat Who Went Into the Closet - Lillian Jackson Braun (finished 7/7/08: Fun book)

Providence - Chris Coppernoll (finished 10/10/08: Good book)

In Search of Eden - Linda Nichols (finished 8/27/08: Loved it!)

Courting Trouble - Deanne Gist (unfinished: inappropriate material for a Christian book)

A Daughter's Inheritance - Tracie Peterson/Judith Miller

All the Tea in China - Orcutt

Jimmy - Robert Whitlow

My Heart Remembers - Kim Vogel Sawyer

If I Gained the World - Linda Nichols

From a Distance - Tamera Alexander

Uncharted - Angela Hunt

Lookin' Back, Texas - Leanna Ellis

A Proper Pursuit - Lynn Austin

Fatal Deduction - Gayle Roper

Is That All He Thinks About? - Marla Taviano

Scoop - Rene Gutteridge

Snitch - Rene Gutteridge

Skid - Rene Gutteridge

Boo Hiss - Rene Gutteridge

Winter Haven - Athol Dickson

Gods and Kings - Lynn Austin

Future Grace - John Piper

God Is The Gospel - John Piper

Mozart's Sister - Nancy Moser (unfinished: not what I thought it would be)

A Passion Most Pure - Julie Lessman

Ladies of Liberty Series - Tracie Peterson

A.D. Chronicles Series - Bodie & Brock Thoene

Experiencing the Cross - Henry Blackaby

Experiencing the Resurrection - Henry Blackaby

Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands: People In Need of Change Helping People In Need of Change - Paul David Tripp