Thursday, June 30, 2011

Church Camp Adventures 2011

I've been home from camp for seven days, and I don't think I'm quite back into a routine. Of course, summer changes my routine anyway.

One thing that's been wonderful this week is the weather. Nothing but sun and pleasant temps. Wish we could've had two weeks at camp just like this, but for whatever reason God didn't see fit to give it to us. We still had a good time, in spite of the rain and several days of cool temps.

So let's talk about camp a little. I woke up with a stuffy nose the first day we were heading out. I have frequently been sniffly in the mornings but not stuffy. Thinking the congestion would just clear up as the day wore on, I didn't worry much about it. I popped a Claritin and went on with my day. Only it didn't just go away. It made me miserable. And I was staying in a cabin among a lot of trees and grass and growing things that... you know... create pollen.

I woke up in the middle of that first night with my sinuses miserably congested and couldn't breathe. That warranted a trip up to Walmart first thing Wednesday morning before the kids even were up. Thank goodness that the state park is only about 25 minutes from the Walmart. I grabbed a couple packages of sinus meds and some throat drops and headed back to camp. Let's just say I sneezed a lot and used up almost an entire box of Kleenex all by myself over the next five days.

I just want you to know that although I never would've anticipated having an allergy issue during camp, God's grace carried me through it. It's not what I would've chosen for myself, but I managed and still had fun in spite of the discomfort.

So what do you want to hear about next? The volleyball games, the snake, or the nicknames the kids gave me?

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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Busy Busy!

Hello. I'll bet you've been wondering where I have been. Or not... and that's okay.

I haven't been doing any book reviews of late. I needed to back away from any review commitments because I'm going to help at our church camp for two weeks in June.

Otherwise, I haven't written anything else simply because I haven't felt inspired. I guess this is a dry writing spell.

On the flip side of that, though, I started a prayer journal in January, and I have been keeping up with journaling almost every day. You might say I was challenged after reading A Praying Life by Paul E. Miller and also reading Jim Elliot's biography The Shadow of the Almighty. My desire to journal over spiritual things got kicked into high gear.

So as I mentioned, these next two weeks are going to be full and challenging. Next week I leave for teen camp, in which I will strive to keep up with a handful of teenagers (and their fearless leader) for 4 days.

Thank goodness, the girls get to stay in a cabin. With a toilet. And beds. What we're all praying for is that we get to keep our power this year, otherwise that toilet will only be a pipe dream. Last year we lost power during both weeks of camp. None of us camp veterans want a repeat of that.

Then I'll return on Saturday to do laundry, go to church, repack my things, and turn around to do it all again with the junior campers. They cut that week down by a day. I'm still not certain whether they do that for the young campers or for the adults.

But lest I forget to tell you... before all the camp fun begins I will be attending my 20-year high school reunion this Saturday. Did I just say 20 years?!? How did I grow old enough to even get here? I've been reading on Facebook of late about some of my classmates having children graduating from high school this year. One gal's daughter is going to make her a grandmother very soon. Yipes!!! How did this happen?

So wow! A lot happening around here, for sure. Hopefully I'll get a chance to fill you in on all the details later. Whenever that is.

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