Thursday, April 22, 2010

Woes of a Half-Hearted Cook

If truth be known, I'd prefer ordering out for dinner every night.  I just don't enjoy cooking.  I tolerate it.  That's not to say that I haven't had some good cooking nights and made some delicious meals.  I have.  The prep and the planning is what gets to me.  And the clean-up.

And then there's nights like this....

A couple days ago I had finished lunch and started baking a loaf of bread in my bread machine.  You can be proud of me because I needed white bread for a recipe on my menu plan later in the week, and making this loaf was putting me ahead of the game. 

It was about 1:00, and the thought of dinner came to mind.  I decided to check my menu plan to see what was on the schedule.  It was a crock pot meal that needed to cook on low about 4 hours.

Seeing how it was 1:00 and we eat at 5:00, I decided I better get the food going in the crock pot.  I threw in the ingredients, mixed them up, added the chicken breast tenders and set the crock pot on low.  Done!  All I needed to do after that was cook up some brown rice to serve it with.

Later at 4:30 I remembered I needed to start my rice on the stove.  I went into the kitchen and lifted the lid on my crock pot because I knew it would probably need a stir. 

Wait a sec!  The chicken was raw.  Really?!?  The chicken was raw?!?  How could that...?  OOOOHH NOOOO!!!

It was at that moment I remembered something.  Shortly after getting my crock pot set up, I decided my cell phone needed to be charged.  I unplugged my can opener, so I could use the outlet for my charger.  Only I didn't unplug the can opener.  I unplugged the crock pot.

Um.  Yeah.  I'm just distracted like that.

So you can see how ordering out for dinner every night would really be to our advantage.  Thank goodness, I was able to whip up a whole other meal that didn't take too much prep.  I can't say I didn't grumble some about having to make TWO dinners in a day, though.

Yeah... I can't say that cooking is really my thing.



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  1. Oh my! I don't use a crock pot very often (not conducive during the week when I'm away from home 10-11 hours straight) or really "cook" since it's just me. I am trying to do it once a week though, because I eat healthier if I do.


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