Friday, April 09, 2010

Ultimate Blog Party '10

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

If this is your first time here... WELCOME!  So glad you could join me for the Ultimate Blog Party '10.  Let me introduce myself by way of video:


Oh, wait!  I forgot the party music...


I love comments!  Let me know you stopped by.

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Enjoy the party!!!



  1. I have some fur babies too! Great to meet you through the blog hop.

  2. Hi there! Popping in to be your newest Google Follower from UBP-Hooray! You have a lovely blog! Feel free to swing by my blog! Have a super weekend!

    Bridgette Groschen
    The Groschen Goblins

  3. Liz!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I LOVE your Sara Groves quote at the top - that's one of my favo songs she sings! (We have ALL of her cd's).

    It was nice to meet ya!


  4. Hi Liz! I saw you on my friend Mary's site for the UBP so I thought I'd stop in and say hello :) Love you blog!

  5. Great to meet you!! Found you through the twitter ubp link:-) Happy Partying!

  6. It's nice to 'meet' you Liz! Nobody really usually gets my sense of humor either...and I usually just wind up feeling like a total goober. ;-P Glad to have found you!

  7. Happy UBP 2010!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I think it's so fun you did a video blog for your post :)

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the party!

  9. I used to have furbabies! :( Sorely missed!

    Check out my UBP10 post @!

    Blessings to you!

  10. I haven't tried the video stuff yet, I'm just now figuring out twitter, LOL. I came by from the UBP after I saw your tweet~~ my party post is up HERE.  I hope you'll drop by and say hello!

  11. Hi, from a fellow Christian (and former church secretary!). Hope you might be able to stop into my place (#225) too:

  12. Just stopping by from the UBP at Five Minutes for Mom. You have a great site. I would love it if you visited my blog and left me a comment! I'm looking forward to reading more and getting to know you better.

    The Healthy Moms

  13. Hello! Returning the UBP love. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes,we already follow each other! It's nice to meet another Christian blogger. I enjoyed your videos. I play piano too although I've never been a church secretary:O) My dad is a pastor though! I live in a different state or else I'd totally go to his church! Your dog beautiful.

    Happy blogging!

    God bless
    Melissa@Simply Mel


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