Saturday, April 10, 2010

Still Partyin'?

Wow!  That Ultimate Blog Party thing is still going on.  I made the rounds to several blogs yesterday, but I have plenty more to see.  Can you believe there are already over 1,000 blogs linked up just under the family-friendly category?  I'm excited that I've already found some nice blogs to subscribe to.  I even found a blogger who dances in her vlogs.  Gotta love it!

So, it's Saturday.  I'll start my day off by attending my First Place Bible study at 8:00 AM.  That's a weight-loss group, in case you were wondering.  Yeah, I've been working on the same 5 pounds for the last 2 years.  And yes, they make us get up that early on Saturday.  Can you imagine?  Actually, I'm quite used to it by now.  I get up the rest of the week at 5:45 AM.  What's one more day?  I hardly know what sleeping in is.

After Bible study I'm going to a nursing home.  The teens at our church have started a puppet ministry, and they are taking it over to the nursing home.  This will be the second time they've done it, and the residents really seemed to enjoy it the last time.  I don't have a part.  I guess I'm basically a cheerleader for the team, and that's fine with me.

Speaking of teens... guess who's going back to camp this summer.  That would be me.  But we'll talk about that another day.

Have a good Saturday...


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