Thursday, April 08, 2010

Words to Live By

I was searching at my favorite Bible tool site the other day for verses dealing with the tongue.  There are many found in Proverbs, but sometimes I just don't quite get the gist of what the proverb is stating.  The language doesn't always make sense to me.

I found some interesting verses in Proverbs 18 and decided to click on the option for comparing other translations.  Although The Message is not a version I use, I must say that reading through the passage made the truths crystal clear.  Some of the verses almost seemed humorous to me.  Check out a few of my favorites...

1 Loners who care only for themselves spit on the common good.

2 Fools care nothing for thoughtful discourse; all they do is run off at the mouth.

4 Many words rush along like rivers in flood, but deep wisdom flows up from artesian springs.

6 The words of a fool start fights; do him a favor and gag him.

7 Fools are undone by their big mouths; their souls are crushed by their words.

8 Listening to gossip is like eating cheap candy; do you really want junk like that in your belly?

13 Answering before listening is both stupid and rude.

17 The first speech in a court case is always convincing - until the cross-examination starts!

21 Words kill, words give life; they're either poison or fruit - you choose.

24 Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family.

--Originally published by NavPress in English as THE MESSAGE: The Bible in Contemporary Language copyright 2002 by Eugene Peterson. All rights reserved. (The Message)--

Very interesting words to ponder.  Don't you think?



  1. Pretty background! I love The Message. When I am having trouble comprehending the Word, it helps me to bring it all into perspective! Blessings!

  2. I'm not a huge Message fan, but it's good to read these in blunt English sometimes!


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