Sunday, April 11, 2010

How I Spend Sundays

j0409495 Good Sunday morning to you.  Tell me, where did the past week go?  It was a challenging week for me, both emotionally and physically, but ironically, it seemed to fly by.

I'll be at church today.  I'm currently teaching both the primaries and juniors Sunday school, since we lost the primaries' teacher a few weeks ago.  Until someone steps in as the new teacher, I'll be teaching a combined class.  As if 4th-6th graders weren't challenging enough, now I'm adding 1st-3rd graders into the mix.  {Please give me patience, Lord.}

I always take a Sunday afternoon nap.  Does anyone else do that?  It started back when I was a kid, and I just never quit taking Sunday naps.  Sundays are a long day for me anyway with early choir practice, Sunday School, morning service, an afternoon choir practice, and evening service.  You can see why a girl might need her Sunday nap, can't you?

Well, whatever you're doing today, I hope that you have spent time with the Lord and His people.

Have a wonderful Lord's day.

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