Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What Else Could I Say?

The other day Rich was off work, and he was finally going to mow the lawn for the first time this spring. Our mower had died last season, and he had just purchased a rebuilt one and came home to tackle our overgrown lawn.

I was home for lunch, and then I left at 1:15 for an appointment.  When I left he was busily using the blower to clean up all the grass clippings.  I waved goodbye and left.

When I got home at 3:00 with a load of groceries, the yard was all finished, and Rich was relaxing in the living room.  He greeted me with, "When you left, you locked me out of the house.  It's a good thing I know my house."


"I am sooo sorry!  It's a habit.  I leave the house, and I lock the door.  What did you do?"

He then proceeded to explain that he knew we had a window that he could climb through to get onto the porch.  He also knew we had another bedroom window that wasn't latched, so he climbed through that. 

Wouldn't you know, our dog who barks like a maniac at everything that moves outside got quiet and ran to her crate as he was trying to "break into" the house.  It's good to know we can count on her to alert us to strangers who might unlawfully enter our home.  (By the way, all modes of entry have since been secured.)

That would all be fine and good if that were the end of the story.  Oh, but wait.  There's more!

A concerned neighbor happened to be watching Rich during this whole scene, and of course, as any concerned neighbor would do, they called the police.  The police showed up at the house and wanted to see his I.D., which he gladly produced.  He then went on to explain how I locked him out while he was doing yard work, and they laughed and went on their way.

I really was so sorry.  What else could I say?



  1. Oh my gosh! That sounds like something I would do!! LOL I hope he found some humor in it later!?

  2. That's sad that the neighbor didn't recognize him to be the owner!

  3. @Dawn: He did find it humorous. I don't even think he was mad in the middle of it. He seemed pretty calm by the time I got home. :)

  4. Oh, those nasty habits. :)

    We have a similar story "breaking into" my in-laws house when the key wouldn't work, and they were on vacation. We were supposed to feed their cat, so we had to send the boys through a small hole meant for firewood. I'm sure we looked criminal! No police called though. (grin)


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