Saturday, February 09, 2008

Who Is Sovereign?

I believe God is sovereign. Psalm 139 says that He fashioned my days before there were none of them. So why do I find myself living as if He isn't sovereign? My unbelief manifests itself in the way I communicate, and often just in the way I struggle in my heart over disappointment about something that didn't go my way. I must be honest. I've been struggling.

I've been reading a book by Paul David Tripp called War of Words: Getting to the Heart of Your Communication Struggles. This is a book about communication, but it's different from others on the subject. This author talks about the true source of our communication problems. Gets right to the root of them. You see, what I believe in my heart is what will come out of my mouth. That's why Proverbs 4:23 says,

Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.
If I don't nip a heart issue in the bud, my mouth is going to tattle on me.

When I first mulled this dilemma over, I was bothered. I won't know I've got a sin problem going on in my heart until the words coming out of my mouth indicate it. That's no good. By then, it could be too late. Words can't be taken back. Words are weighty things. I need to get a handle on this. What's the solution? It goes back to the heart. What am I putting into my mind, and what do I believe?

Chapters 4 and 5 in the book are so critical. I had read chapter 5 last week but didn't highlight. I went back to read it again last night with a highlighter, and it was as if I hadn't read it the first time. It was heavy, and I couldn't even finish the chapter because there was plenty to chew on. Tripp teaches that we have got to believe in the sovereignty of God, not just when everything goes well for us but also in the midst of trouble. Otherwise, our communication will be all about our plan, our agenda, our self-interests. We end up trying to control people and circumstances to get our own way. Quoting Tripp (pg. 69), he says...

Only when I submit to the rule of God, who has a perfect plan and is in complete control, will I begin to live and speak as he has purposed....When my heart is more controlled by a desire for the creation (a person, possession, position, or experience) than it is by a desire for the Creator, I will seek to control my world (and the people in it) to get what I want.... But when we understand God's sovereignty and submit to his rule, we can live and speak as God has designed. This is the polar opposite of living and pseaking according to our plan, for our control, and for our own glory.

This is where I was hit between the eyes. He called me on it. This is my sin. I want to be in control, and I've thoroughly disregarded God's rule in my life. I want all that to change, though, because I know there's no joy there. I want to please God.

So today has been a pensive day for me. I want to break this sinful habit of unbelief. I have to continually think on the truth that God is sovereign. He has designed this day, and whatever happens is what He planned for me. Tomorrow I'm going to have to remember all over again that God is sovereign and has designed my day for me. He always does what's best for me.

I know I haven't done this book justice, but I highly recommend it.

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  1. You have done the book justice and now I feel pressed to read it. Thank you for sharing something that's impacting you so greatly.


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