Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nothing But The Best For My Sweetie

valentineTonight we were on our way home from church, and the girls we always give a ride to were chattering away in the backseat. They started talking about Valentine's Day. One gal said she hoped her mom would give her some chocolate. One of them was sharing that her mom had gotten her a Valentine's gift, something that she's wanted for FIVE YEARS. (She was very dramatic.) The other two asked her what she got. She said, I won't find out until tomorrow. So finally I asked, When is Valentine's Day? Is that tomorrow? Rich was like, Yeah!

Uuuuh...I thought it was Friday. Obviously I've really been paying attention. But the good thing is that I saw a commercial for Walgreens tonight, and they advertise they have everything I need for my valentine. I'm so glad there's one right on the corner across the street from where I work.


  1. I didn't get anything for Rich, but he gave me some Dove truffles and a pink Starbucks mug with hearts.


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