Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'm choosing trouble as the word of the day. It sums it up for me. Granted, there weren't any terrific tragedies, but events of the day weren't quite how I would've planned them.

I had some frustrating struggles at the office this morning. Between the copy machine not operating correctly for no apparent reason, having to deal with an office supply return over the phone and explaining to the very nice man that I don't like their remanufactured products so don't send me an exact replacement, and also finding an item in my work tray that should've been taken care of last week... it just didn't make for a good morning.

In fact, forgetting things has become my greatest irritation lately. I'm growing weary of not remembering whether or not I've taken care of something, and if I did take care of it, I have to remember where the proof is that I did take care of it.

The afternoon didn't bring relief from trouble, either. It just followed me home. Rich discovered in short order that our debit card was hijacked just this afternoon. He ran to the bank and was able to get those false transactions stopped before more damage was done. The banker said we were lucky. I'd say God was taking good care of us.

I'm hoping that today's trouble is behind me and tomorrow will look different. Yeah, different would be really good.

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