Tuesday, March 01, 2011


The word for today is... discovery.

When I was asked in 2009 to teach the Junior Sunday School class at church, I didn't jump at the opportunity. I have taught children and youth classes over the years in the past, but I was glad to put those ministries behind me. They were good experiences for me, but I have never seen myself as a children's ministry gal.

Rather than giving a flat-out "no" to the question, I chose to pray for God's will in the matter. After a few weeks of praying, I believed there wasn't any good and clear reason to say "no". As much as it was not my desire or first choice to teach children, I did start to see the increased number of opportunities I would have as both a Word of Life Olympians coach and as a Sunday School teacher to encourage the kids in their daily walk with the Lord. So I agreed to teach the class.

The first months as teacher were grueling, to be very honest. Behavior problems with a few would often send me to tears after dismissing the class. I walked out of church discouraged on more Sundays than not. I had no idea what I had committed to.

I never knew what a week would bring, and I had to keep calling upon the Lord for renewed will to keep going. I remember one Sunday as I talked to Judy about it, I told her I could only commit to one more Sunday. I just kept doing that "one more Sunday" week after week.

Those hard months were only for a season, though. The class dynamic shifted, and then there were different issues. Still I continued to plod along, always praying that my students would be saved or if already saved, then growing and changing.

This new season that began in the fall of 2010 has been the most rewarding. I have students who ask lots of questions and are eager to learn. They're learning fundamental doctrines of the faith, and slowly but surely we are adding more truth to the foundation they already have. It gets me excited when the light bulb goes on over their head, so to speak. Two of the girls are talking about baptism now.

Looking back at where I started compared to where I am now, I feel so filled by the blessing God chose to pour out on me for making a choice that wouldn't have been my first pick. As I pray for these kids and see them come alive, you can't help but feel joy.

It's the ah-ha moment in the DISCOVERY that this is what God wanted to give me. He does give good gifts, but sometimes He makes us wait. Sometimes we even find that the very thing we wanted was found in someplace altogether different than where we thought we'd find it.

Think twice before saying "no" because you never know what wonderful things God has waiting for you around the bend.

Have you made any new discoveries lately? Were they blessings in disguise?

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