Saturday, March 12, 2011

DST: Let's Try This One More Time

I've had a non-stop Saturday, and it started with oversleeping. Would you even believe that after my Friday experience with my clock changing to DST two days early and my alarm getting me up an hour too early? At least it was only 25 minutes of oversleeping.

After my husband had fussed with the clock yesterday to get the time corrected, he had inadvertently turned the volume down for the radio. My eyes popped open at 6:12 AM today, not 5:45 as I had desired, and I realized that it was all wrong again.

So tonight I'm going to bed with the semi-confidence that my clock is going to function properly and spring forward an hour. This time I will have my husband's clock within view, so I can do a double-check before leaping out of bed in the morning.

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