Friday, March 04, 2011

Just Roll With It

I decided to simply share a sprinkling of the highlights of my week today. I realize it's just now Friday morning, which means the week isn't technically completed, but this is what came to me. So I'm rollin' with it.

First I have to say that I'm surprised I've blogged five days in a row. Yay, me!

I have been enjoying this engaging novel by Chris Coppernoll titled Screen Play. It's about an actress who catches a break when she's hired as an understudy for a Broadway play. I am fascinated with the theater and drama, so I've been downright giddy for much of the story. I read Coppernoll's first novel Providence several years ago, and he had me pondering for months. Somehow that man knows how to touch tender places in my heart. You should read him if you haven't yet.

Hey, did you hear that Keith and Kristyn Getty had a baby girl on Wednesday? They named her Eliza Joy Getty. I must say I'm a bit partial to her name, as we share the first five letters of my name.

I'm not personal friends of the Gettys or anything like that, but somehow it seems a bit personal to me. We sing their music often at church. I was privileged to see them at a True Woman Conference last September when they told us Kristyn was expecting. I suppose with Facebook, Twitter, and emails updating us on all their goings-on, it just feels like somehow I'm a part of all of it in some very minute way. So I feel excited for them.

The Lord has done some interesting things for me this week, like helping me overcome sin, encouraging me with words from friends, and teaching me through His Word.

Overall I'd say it's been a pretty good week... even if it isn't technically over yet.

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