Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's On Your Nightstand?

Nightstand I finally feel like I have an opportunity to join in the 5 Minutes For Books' What's on Your Nightstand?  The last few weeks I've been challenging myself to add fiction into the mix of my reading.  I already try to read 10 pages of theological reading a day, although there are certain days it just doesn't get done.  Now I'm working at reading 30 pages of fiction in addition to that, so I can get some serious reading accomplished.

I have a whole bookshelf of books just waiting, practically calling my name, to be read.  I decided I need to be methodical and purposeful about reading the fiction, too, if I want to actually get these books read.

My list of what's on my nightstand is short for the month of May, but believe me when I say it's quite a hearty goal in comparison to what I've done in the past.  Here's the plan...

1.  Future Grace by John Piper (Theological) - I started this in March and hope to finish it in about a week.  It's about learning how to believe the promises of God and depending on God's grace to overcome the sin of unbelief (pride, bitterness, despondency, misplaced shame, etc.).

2.  If I Gained the World by Linda Nichols (Fiction) - I started this book a couple weeks ago, and I should be done in the next week or so.

3.  Experiencing the Spirit: The Power of Pentecost Every Day by Henry & Melvin Blackaby (Theological) - I am really looking forward to diving into this one.  I've not read much on the Holy Spirit, and I'm anxious to learn some new things.

4.  A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman (Fiction) - I'll be starting this novel as soon as I finish the other.  I am not a big fan of the romance, being much more into historical fiction.  But from the reviews I've read, I got the impression this is a good book.

5.  My Heart Remembers by Kim Vogel Sawyer (Fiction) - This will be the next novel in line, if I get super ambitious with my fiction reading.  We'll just have to see how it goes.

So have any of you read anything interesting lately?  Leave a comment and tell me about it.

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  1. Thanks for joining the Nightstand carnival. Good luck with your reading goals this month!

  2. I'm about done with Future Grace as well. Would you be willing to co-write a review of it for the Book Nook? I'm afraid my take of it is rather one-sided and bland. I'd love your input!

    I hope you like a Passion Most Pure. I thought it was okay.

  3. I will have to check out If I Gained The World, love Linda Nichols. I loved, loved A Passion Most Pure and hope you enjoy it!

  4. I'm dying to read that Piper book! And the Nichols novel is good!


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