Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What I Learned This Week - Edition #6

I've been driving a mini-van since last Friday, sort of as a test drive to see if we might take it off my parents' hands.  They recently acquired it from my grandparents.  Since we're not in a position to purchase a car anytime in the near future, they thought we might be able to use it.

I never saw myself as the mini-van type.  We've had three different Neons since early on in marriage.  I had imagined if I were to upgrade my car, I really had my sites set on a Jeep Liberty or something more sporty and free-spirited.  And ya know, a girl needs somewhere to put her golf clubs... and to well... look all sporty on the road.

Anyway, on Sunday night I needed to give a young lady a ride home after church, and since we give her rides to church regularly, she is quite familiar with our declining Neon and all of its noises, quirks, and otherwise discomforts. 

This darling Jr. Higher hopped into the van and said she was surprised to see I had it and had been wondering where my car was.  Which led to the following conversation....

Me:  I never figured myself to be the minivan type, you know?  I kinda look like a soccer mom.  Whatcha think?

Girl:  Do you have kids?

Me:  (puzzled)  Uh... have you ever seen me with kids?  I mean, there are never any other kids with us when we pick you up.

Girl:  Yeah.  I just thought maybe you had OLDER kids that were grown.

Me:  (getting an incredulous look on my face) What?!?  How OLD do you think I AM?  I'm only 36!  I could be your mother but NOT old enough to have grown children.

Girl:  Oh.

Well... I think I might have to start charging her for rides from now on.  Oh, I kid.  I like her and would not do that to her. 

Unfortunately, what I learned this week is that apparently I look older than my age.  I think I would've felt better living in ignorance.  {sigh}  At least for a few more years.

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  1. Anyone over 20 is ancient to a kid, huh? But do they have to be so verbal about it?

  2. It's amazing what you can learn when you are driving a mini van. I admit, I am not a mini van driver either. We got an SUV that seats 8 to haul us around! LOL. But I imagine myself in a Red Ferrari! LOL

  3. One of my Awana kids at church (3rd grade) very innocently asked me if I was planning on becoming a grandmother anytime soon. I'm 29. Hello....?
    I am a minivan driver, but I love, love, love my van. =) I hope this one ends up being great for you!

  4. I had a student (not too distant past) ask me if I grew up with black and white television. I felt old.....
    I also had one student ask me if I was poor 'cause I wore the same blouse all the time. Apparently I wore my "favorite" blouse way to often.
    You definitely don't look old enough to have grown kids.....
    I did ask someone once "When are you due"....they weren't pregnant...I will remember that always.

  5. LOL. My advice is, wait on the minivan till you REALLY need it. I would gladly trade mine in for something sporty, but the price is right (it's paid for) and it really is so practical for toting 3 kids around!

  6. I agree with Wendy--she just thinks any adult is old. I'm not a minivan person either; in fact we just replaced our SUV with a car.

  7. i taught 8 year olds at one time. It is darling when they try to guess your age, because they guess everything from 16 to 65!


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