Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Almost as Good as Shrimp Ravioli

On Monday my husband upgraded our cell phones, and I am now the proud owner of one of these:


It's a Motorola Krave.  It's got a touch screen, a qwerty keyboard, and LOTS of cool features.  It even has pleasant ringtones to choose from.  I love a pleasant ringtone.  Don't you?

As great as I thought my Chocolate was, this is ten times better.  I discovered you can designate certain contacts to be put on a "favorites" list, which means I can quickly pull up a list of just the people I call the most.  My dialing just got that much simpler.

Not that I'm going to be one of those crazy text-ers or anything, but my husband decided to order me a texting plan, while he was at it.  {Thanks, honey!}  What a guy!

Remember how much I loved my Shrimp Ravioli last Saturday?  I think I love this phone almost that much.  Almost.

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1 comment:

  1. I'm in love with texting. It's so much better than calling. I don't really like talking on the phone. I just wish that my minutes could automatically convert to texts, then maybe I would never go over my texting plan!


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