Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Birthday Wishes

toptentuesday Today is not only Top Ten Tuesday at ohamanda's, but it also happens to be the birthday of somebody very special.  My precious friend Judy is celebrating today, and in honor of her big day I wanted to do something special for her.
Judy and I go way back to the early 90's when she started attending my church, but it wasn't until 2005 that we truly started to develop a real friendship.  Since then, I've had the amazing privilege of getting to know her.
                    Pie & Praise2
I love that Judy's name is derived from the Hebrew name Judah and means "praised or admired."  I admire her for so many reasons, mostly because she reflects Jesus.  Today I want to share ten of my favorite things about Judy, in keeping with Top Ten Tuesday.  
  1. She loves the Lord with a passion, so much so that His name just rolls off her tongue.
  2. She demonstrates godly submission in her marriage.
  3. She loves on people like no one else I know.
  4. She's taught me what being merciful looks like.  The woman just never gives up on people because she believes God is always at work in people's lives.
  5. She is a student of the Word, and the woman knows how to teach.
  6. She is not afraid to "burn the midnight oil" in ministry, working late into the night and rising early in the morning.  Dependent on God's grace, she just keeps going and serving and giving. 
  7. She loves life.  I mean, she savors everything.  It is rare to hear her say that she doesn't like something.  It's always, "I love _______."  And you can fill in the blank with whatever she's eating or smelling or watching or playing at the moment.
  8. She is the best homemade, pizzeria-style pizza maker I know.  She crazy loves pizza!
  9. She drives a Jeep, which is just cool.
  10. She challenges me to go beyond my limits.  Spiritually, she encourages me to surrender daily and to trust God because He's good, even when life is hard and messy.  Physically, she's helped me become a runner, learn how to golf, and how to hit a tennis ball.  (I can only claim "hitting" the ball.  Controlling the ball is an entirely different matter.)
I thank the Lord for the gift of my friend.  I know He has made her who she is, and anything He has done in her is because she's been a willing vessel, ready to be used by Him.  I am so thankful that God placed her in my life.
Happy Birthday, Judy!  Wishing you the most special day.  I love you.

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  1. How sweet, Liz! God has given you a wonderful gift of a friend!

    (ps, have I mentioned I love your background? so cute!)

  2. That is so sweet, sounds like you have a great friend!!

  3. Sounds like a great friend ... and a pizza maker on top of that!!

  4. What a beautiful post! Happy Birthday to your friend, Judy. She sounds like a beautiful person to have in your life.

  5. What a great tribute to your friend. She sounds like someone I would love to know. Happy Birthday, Judy!

  6. Awww your top 10 list truly is JUDY! haha. Almost made me cry. Happy Birthday Judy--and great post Liz! Your list reflects the truth about her life and such a great Godly example of how we all should live! HOw could I not have left a comment to this! Good stuff. It encourages and challenges me in my walk with God!!

  7. Aww...what a great friend you have - hold on tight to her!

  8. Thanks to everyone who left comments. Judy was surprised today, and her birthday has been a special day.


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