Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Will Not Live On Bread Alone

You may have noticed that I've been writing a lot about my health and weight-loss challenges and achievements during the last few weeks.  To be honest, I think I could have written about it even more than I have, but I just didn't want to bore you with it all.

But here's the thing.  Working at this discipline of nutrition and health is what a good portion of my life consists of right now.  It's one of the big things that God has chosen to work in me at this point in time in a way He hasn't before, and so it's what I'm going to be most apt to talk about.  And it definitely has been about discovering Liz...discovering who I am in Christ, one life lesson at a time.

So in regards to getting fit, I have to share one of the major victories I've gained.  It's all about the b-r-e-a-d.

You see, I love bread and starch and carbs.  I like to sit down with a bag of chips and munch away with nary a care in the world.  The problem is that I know it's detrimental.  I just didn't know how I was going to cut back.

Even so, I have been choosing to eat fewer servings of bread/starch for several weeks.  Do you know what I've learned?  I don't need all that starch.  I'm okay.  I won't die.  In fact, I'm content.

You know, I'm happy about that.  Happy that I'm experiencing change.  Thrilled to know I can do something I didn't think I could do.  Thankful for the Holy Spirit's power at work in me.

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  1. It's amazing how I can drop foods that I really enjoy and not feel like I'm missing out. It's like you gain a new appetite for other things when you do. Yay for good change!

    I answered your question...check it out!


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