Friday, April 10, 2009

This Weight Loss Thing... It's a Process

The week has flown.  So much going on that there's hardly been time to think about a blog.  So we're finally together again.  Would it be okay if I talked a little about my weight loss process?  Thanks.

Today completes four weeks of filling out my food fact sheet, exercising 3-4 times a week, and reining in my calorie consumption.  Tomorrow I face another weigh-in, and I'm slightly nervous.

Last week I maintained.  Honestly, that was a disappointment.  (I'm just being real.)  I had to repeat over and over to myself, "It's not about the number.  It's not about the number.  It's not about the number!"  Oooh, such hard words to believe.

It's a battle to keep the focus on getting healthy to please the Lord and for becoming self-controlled, rather than focusing entirely on making the number on the scale go down week by week.  I know sometime in the middle of last week I began to lose my focus and found myself wanting to creep onto the scale a few times during the week... just to see what the number was looking like.  This week the desire for a shrinking number grew even more.

Another fight has gotten harder this week, and that was with the treadmill.  Although I have found that a good audiobook really helps keep me distracted (I'm listening to a book by Terri Blackstock), getting motivated to even step onto the treadmill has started to become an uphill battle.

I just couldn't get on it Wednesday, but Thursday I was able to talk myself into it.  Probably because that weigh-in is looming in the distance.  Would you laugh if I told you I yawned for about the first 15 minutes?  Uh... something is wrong with this picture.

And then what's with the whole renewed energy thing?  Where is it?  Rather than feeling energized after walking, I am pooped.  Seriously.  Should I be concerned?  Is my body chemistry in correct working order?  This one still has me puzzled.  It's been a month, and I'm still waiting for the extra energy to kick in.

So this is life as I know it right now, or at least a part of it.  I'll have to let you know my results on Saturday.

One more thing before I go.  I want to testify that God does care about our food choices and our desires to stay within boundaries, and He has been very faithful during these four weeks to help me stay on track.  The other day I was invited to eat a lovely meal with friends, but I knew I did not want to compromise my boundaries.  So I talked to the Lord about it that morning and asked Him to provide some sort of dessert that I could enjoy at that meal.  Much to my joy, there were some no sugar added desserts, and I ate my banana cream pie with thankfulness.  I know it was a gift from Him.

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