Saturday, January 31, 2009

An Interview

I am thrilled to share this video segment with you today.  It is probably my best video ever.  I had an opportunity to answer some interview questions that Ronnica gave me, and I enjoyed doing this for her... and for you.

Here are the questions she asked:

1.  You've mentioned a couple of times your love of Disney World...what is your favorite ride/exhibit/part?

2.  What are you reading right now?  What do you think about it?

3.  What's your favorite part of your job?

4.  If I were to visit you, what places would you show me?

5.  How did you meet your husband?

I hope you can hang in here with me to the end.  It is about 15 minutes long (shout out to Flip Mino for potentially a full 60 minutes of recording time), but if you figure about 3 minutes per question, you can see why.

Interview With Liz from Liz on Vimeo.

I thoroughly enjoyed answering these questions on video.  If you happen to have some questions for me, why not ask me a few in the comments.


  1. So basically you're saying you got addicted to Disney crack at a very early age and have to keep going back for more. ;)

    I've only got through the first two answers...I'll come back for more when I have time!

  2. Yeah, I guess I am addicted to Disney crack. I only have my parents to blame, though.

  3. I kinda have suspected that... I'm so glad that somebody finally put their finger on it.

  4. Okay, I watched the second half of the video now. You make it sound like so much fun...I wish I could come and visit you!

  5. Liz, I'm addicted to the crack too, but you already know that. I agree about the atmosphere that Disney "pumps" out at you...the mood in the Polynesian village, and the Wilderness resort are enough to make me want to pay the exhorbenant (sp?) prices to stay there. I never knew how you met Rich...I always find things like that interesting. I can't wait to see your next vlog.


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