Friday, January 16, 2009

Global Warming? What-ev-er!

I'm wondering something.  Have I mentioned anything about the weather this week here in northern Indiana?

No?  Not at all?

Well, let me tell ya then....


You just have no idea, especially if you live in Texas or Florida and it only gets down to 50.  Puh-leeeeeaase!  Put on a sweatshirt, for crying out loud, and don't tell me how cold you are.  (I mean that with all the kindness and brotherly love that a Hoosier can muster.)

It's absolutely freezing here, people!  We met a record low of -19 this morning.  I think it maybe, might have, could have possibly reached a whopping 3 degrees this afternoon sometime between 2:30 and 2:34 p.m. 

On a more positive note, the sun was shining.  But unfortunately the sun does not help with the temperature.  Cloud cover creates a blanket effect, which will warm things up a bit.  Sounds like clouds may be moving in tonight, and they're calling for a high of 15 tomorrow.  Woot!

That might actually feel like a heat wave after the last two days we've had.  Oh, one can only hope.


  1. Summer warmth, come quickly! (And it's not even that cold here...)

  2. Liz, I'm so ready to move to a warmer climate...although that would mean leaving family. Warmth/family...I think family wins, but oooohhh the BITTER wind the BITING's enough to make you feel like your marrow is freezing and you get a chill that feels like you will never know warmth again. I'm ready for spring!!!

  3. I cannot even imagine being that cold! Oh my word! I have been complaining all week that I simply can't get warm. The lowest it got here was 11! (That is SUPER cold for GA, btw!)
    Sheesh! Stay warm, girl!


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