Saturday, January 17, 2009

How's the Weather?

You all might be encouraged to learn that the temperature actually got up to 22 degrees today.  It may have gotten even warmer than that, but that was the highest reading that I happened to catch on the TV. 

Some roads around here are still scary to drive, depending on the time of day.  Since we've received snow on a fairly consistent basis for days on end AND with the temperatures being as cold as they've been, the roads are snow covered and slick.  In the city we live in, we have a very hilly area.  It just so happens that I have to drive up and down a hill that is quite long, in order to get to work, church, the grocery store, and back.  It's scary to drive it, if it hasn't been sanded.

I didn't tell you about how I did a 180 in my car the other day.  I had just exited the church drive and pulled into traffic, on my way to the store at the corner to buy snow boots of all things.  I hit black ice immediately, tried to pump the brakes to no avail, and started heading sideways toward the two cars in front of me.  It was either hit them or direct my car to a hopefully safer area to careen into, so I opted for the latter.  I turned my steering wheel in the direction of the side of the road, and sure enough, my car spun around and I landed in a snow bank.

Not fun!  In order to calm my nerves I kept telling myself that at least I wasn't in an accident, and I was fine.  It still shakes you up, when you lose control of your car, though.  Thank the Lord, He took care of getting me out of the snow bank when a kind man pulled over and brought his shovel to dig the snow out from behind my tires.  It didn't take but a couple minutes, and I was able to back my car out and head on down the road.

By the way, I did buy some snow boots.  You'll probably think I'm nuts when I tell you that I haven't had a pair in years.  I don't even remember the last time I had them.  Since I've been wearing them the last two days, I'm now wondering... HOW ON EARTH DID I EVER LIVE WITHOUT THEM?  They keep my feet so protected from the snow and cold.  What a concept!  I think I will never be without them again.

So how is winter in your neck of the woods?


  1. I'm so thankful for kind "angels" who stop and help when you are in need on the side of the road. I'm glad God touched his heart to stop and help you.
    Glad you got the new snow boots....did you get a good deal on them?
    Spring is coming!!!!

  2. I'm thankful that nothing/no one was hurt!

    The winter here hasn't been bad. Of course, it's North Carolina. They're actually forecasting snow tomorrow, 2-4 inches, which is nothing to sneeze at around here (this is my 4th winter here and I'd be surprised if it's even snowed a total of 2-4 inches). Since people here have no idea how to drive on snow, I'll probably just work at home and enjoy it. I'm hoping it does, as I'm looking forward to a modified snow day.


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