Friday, October 31, 2008

Randomness: Edition #642?

I like connecting with you guys, but man, oh man, I'm grappling for material.  Okay, so there's plenty of material in my life, but just how much I really want to share with the world is still being debated in my head.

So... I think we're going to go with the nifty little list, just to keep the blog up-to-date and to get something, ANYTHING, out there.  So here are few random things happening with me.

1.  I have refused to acknowledge that it's fall.  Granted I've been waking up to temperatures in the 30's here in good ol' Indiana, but I don't like fall.  I love summer.  It's warm in summer.  There's lots of daylight in summer.  You don't need a coat in summer.  Thus, I love summer.

2.  I am enjoying Twitter.  I know I've mentioned this before, but I believe it bears repeating.  I enjoy Twitter!  I've learned the most interesting behind-the-scenes stuff about my favorite bloggers.  And FYI... I would avoid Alyssa's home.  They have the stomach bug going around over there.  I think she may be the only one in her family who hasn't come down with it yet.  Poor thing!  And... Lisa B. is tweeting from a Women of Faith conference sitting in the RESERVED SEATING on the FRONT ROW with PATSY CLAIRMONT.  Where else but on Twitter are you going to get that kind of live feed?

3.  You need to read the novel Providence by Chris Coppernoll.  When you do, I can almost guarantee you will start delving into your memory about relationship issues of both past and present, hopefully with the intent of viewing them through spiritual eyes.  It is a story of heartbreak, but it's also a story of grace.  I read the book with a friend, which I highly suggest.  You're gonna want to have someone to discuss it with and to be a sounding board for each other.  The book has affected me like no other novel EVER has.  {Synopsis}

4.  The bouncy creme is doing its job.  Enough said.

5.  Is anyone watching The Biggest Loser?  This is the first season that I've watched religiously, and I've really gotten into it.  Does it make you cry?  Oh my!  Almost every week at the elimination I'm trying to stifle the crying, so my husband doesn't laugh at me.  And Heba, Vicky, and Brady?!?  SOMEBODY TAKE THEM DOWN!  Even Amy C. seems to have an attitude going on, and I used to like her.  I think I'm favoring Colleen, but I do like Michelle, too.

6.  This is a shout-out to Candy, who I hadn't seen in years until Wednesday.  She came by the church to pay me a visit the other day, bearing some Starbucks love, I might add.  She wasn't sure if she had the right church until she saw "THE SIGN". Who knew the sign would be so instrumental in identifying my location?

7.  Another week has passed, which means it's time for the First Place weigh-in tomorrow.  Last week I was down a pound, which was a pleasant surprise.  Don't know what I'll have this week.  My expectations are fairly low.

8.  I'm lamenting that I don't love correctly.  I've been reviewing God's standard of love in 1 Corinthians 13.  I wish I could get even close to His standard.  I find my love is selfish.  I want to get it right.

The End.

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