Thursday, October 23, 2008

Officially Tweeting

I just finished my first whole day of tweeting on Twitter.  (See?  Tweeting?  I'm totally catching on to the jargon.)  I've decided that it's pretty cool.  I didn't understand it before, but that's because I was following only like two people.  Now I'm following several girls whose blogs I frequent, along with one friend I know IRL, so tweets are much more interesting now.  I wish I had some other IRL friends who would tweet with me.

I told you yesterday that I downloaded that twhirl tool, and that is key right there.  Having that on my desktop is as good as my little email messenger service, alerting me to new messages.  Every 20 minutes or so I hear a little *bing*, and I know I've received another tweet.  I don't get much email, so I get pretty excited when I hear the Twitter notification.  (Humor me.  I don't get out much.  And that's an entirely different story for another day.)

Alright, you guys.  That's pretty much all I had to say about that.  How 'bout you come tweet with me.  'K?

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  1. Liz, from one church secretary to another, "Hi." It's been fun reading your posts here. You are in Indiana? Me too.


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