Sunday, October 05, 2008

So... I'm Having a Birthday

Do you know what?  I'm having a birthday tomorrow.  I've never been one to hide or lie about my age, so I'll just tell you.  I'm going to be 36.  Yes, 36!  I can barely fathom that, although the root job I need to cover my gray right now is a pretty good indicator that I may actually and truly turn 36.  It just seems like a strange number to me, and I'll explain that in a moment.

I am of the opinion that after I turned 30, anything older than that is just extra.  You see, when I was in the 6th grade I got it into my head that Jesus would be coming soon at the Rapture, and I would never see 30.  I'd be in Heaven way before that.  I also never thought I would see the year 2000.  But here I am, it's 2008, and I'm going to turn 36.  That's w-e-i-r-d.

I don't feel 36.  What does a 36-year-old feel like anyway?  Yes, it's getting more difficult to get out of bed in the morning.  I assume that's part of the aging process.  But I do think that because I don't have kids it makes it hard for me to gauge how old I'm becoming.  I just don't have milestones that mark the years or children rolling their eyes at me for saying something lame because I'm just "so old".

Okay, now getting back to the reason 36 is a strange number.  I found that 35 was perfect in that it was directly between 30 and 40.  A gal of 35 is considered pretty experienced and has been around the block a time or two.  She's got some wisdom under her belt.  So 35 is a pretty cool year.  But as I turn this corner to embark on 36, I'm suddenly faced with 40 looming down the next street.  I'm only 4 years shy of the big 4-0.  Do you know how fast 4 years can fly?  Fast!  And I must say... 40 LOOKS MIGHTY SCARY. 

Please don't misunderstand me, all you 40+ readers.  I'm not knockin' your 40 years.  I know it's just a number.  I just don't know what to imagine I'll be at 40 years.  I guess it's a fear of the unknown.  And you know what else?  They make 40-year-olds get mammograms.  Oooh, something to look forward to.  Uh, NOT!  Next thing they'll be wanting to schedule me for a colonoscopy, and we all know how well I cope with that.

Alright, so I know what you all are thinking.  Liz, why can't you just enjoy 36 and not worry about what might be 4 years from now?  Yeah, I know.  You're right.  I should do that.  I'll work on that.

But I'm pretty sure Jesus is coming back any day, though, and I'm planning to spend 40 in Heaven.


  1. happy birthday! my mom just turned 51 and she said every decade gets better!

  2. Happy birthday, Liz! Today we get to celebrate you.

    For the record, I don't think that 36 is old. I have friends that are 36. They're not old, and you aren't old. And 36 isn't really that close to 40.

  3. Happy Birthday! I think 36 is a great number!

  4. Sorry for being so late, but I am just new here, so Happy 36th! I can so relate to all of your feelings here. I still say I never got used to turning 30 and now I'm 45!! BTW you crack me up! God bless you on your next 36 years!

  5. danadoll63: Thank you for the belated wishes. And thanks for stopping by.


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