Monday, June 09, 2008

Many Topics, One Post

It's probably time to update you on some ongoing circumstances to let you know how things are going around here.  And this is what makes for all the riveting drama that Discovering Liz is.

The Husband's Broken Wrist

The wrist is healing fine, as that is what the last two x-rays have indicated.  Since his employer did not find a job he could do with one hand that didn't involve water, he will be home from work until the end of June.  He's getting bored.  This situation really has no bearing on me, though, because the amount of time we are together has not changed.  We both work morning hours, and we're always together from early afternoon on.

Personal Digestive Issues

This condition has not improved.  When I saw the doctor two Saturdays ago I learned all my lab work was negative, and he said I could hold out for 2 more weeks.  If no improvement, I was advised to schedule the big "c" procedure... that is, it starts with a "c" and ends with "olonoscopy".  I sooooo do not want to have the aforementioned procedure performed on my little colon.  But with each passing day, the idea seems to be growing on me.  I know...I know...the procedure is not that bad, or so I have been told.  It's the prep the day before the procedure that brings me much distress.  If you know Jesus and thoughts of me somehow come to mind, please ask Him to help me surrender to that thing.  The end of my allotted two weeks is quickly nearing.

Dishwashing Duties

The new dishwasher is working out swell.  (Dishwasher is code for Liz)  I am practically sticking to the Wash Immediately After Every Use policy, and that's worked so well for me.  It's a real time saver.  I could keep this up forever.  Or at least until Rich gets the use of his arm back.  *ahem*

Dixie's Fleas

Oh yeah, I haven't told you about this one yet.  Dixie picked up fleas from a friendly Collie a few houses down from us.  She never meets dogs because we pretty much shelter her from the outside world.  One night she managed to slip out of her collar and took off running toward a Collie who was out for a walk.  Although we're thankful there were no casualties in that first-time meeting, we noticed about a week later that our precious baby had a flea.  And then another...and ANOTHER.  We now understand why that Collie often sports a shaved haircut whenever we see him.  So we gave all our furbabies a flea treatment.  We haven't seen any in days now, so we're kind of waiting this thing out to see if about a million flea babies hatch next month.  I've tried to reassure my Dixie that she only caught male fleas, who could not lay eggs.  It could happen, right?

Frizz Control Hair Products

Okay, I just had to throw this one in because it's such an issue in my life right now.  For some reason, summer in Indiana has been turned on full blast with temps in the high 80's/90's and humidity of like 263%.  Liz's hair does not take kindly to said humidity.  My mom didn't call me Frizzy Lizzy for nothin'.  Anyway, as a rule, I typically don't bother with frizz control hair products because they DO. NOT. WORK.  I'm not sure who they tested those products on, but there ain't no way they had my hair.  I haven't met a frizz control product yet that would tame my 'do.  Breaking my rule, I actually bought some Herbal Essences frizz control something-or-other shampoo and conditioner this week.  They suckered me in with the price and the cute, little packaging.  I tried it for the first time this morning, even feeling a little hopeful because, again... the description on the back of the bottle as to what their magical hair product would do for me was so hope-filling.  I mean, they promised that the essence of pearl (or whatever the secret element was) in the ingredients would infuse incredible, hair shaft smoothing properties into my frizz-laden locks.  It soooooo DID. NOT. WORK.  The only thing it's got going for it is a nice, salon quality scent, but unfortunately that's not the reason I bought the product.

Now that I've written this update on such a variety of topics, I realize that these would've made for some really good solo posts, but as I'm in the entertaining writing mood at this moment, I've got to go with it right now.  That covers all the important news in my world, so I guess that's a wrap.


  1. "Riveting drama" - yep, that's exactly why I tune in each week. =)

    Praying for the dreaded "c" word. While I know it's no fun (not personally, fortunately), sometimes we have to do the not-fun stuff in order to take care of our bodies.

    I too have found anti-frizz products don't work well by themselves. I like to desribe my hair as naturally frizzy (though technically it's probably called wavy). I have to couple the anti-frizz stuff with something: mousse if I'm going curly, or a straigtener if I'm going straight. Have you ever used a straightener? It solves 99% of my frizz problem, even in humid places. They make high end ones, but I find that a $20 will do just fine for me (I use this one).

    End the advertisement now.

  2. I love it!

    DH had a colonoscopy. I just gotta do it, you know? 'Course they told him they couldn't find anything wrong. He still had stomach cramps, etc. but whatever.

    My mom has curly-ish, frizzy-ish hair but keeps it straight and she LOVES Rusk Wired. She says it keeps her hair from being crazy. (I use it, too but my hair is straight as a board.)


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