Thursday, May 29, 2008

Who Needs a Dishwashing Fairy When You've Got a Brain?

Hey, friends.  I know you've been very concerned over my dishwashing issues, what with my dishwasher being broken (that is, Rich's wrist is broken), but I want you to know that I have come up with a solution.  And no, it's not to set the dishes out on the floor and let Dixie lick them clean or to go strictly to using paper plates. 

When I tell you my solution, all of you can give me a collective DUH! in the comments.  I figured out that the easiest thing to do is wash the dishes as I use them.  That's it!  So this morning I washed out my cereal bowl, my plate, my knife, fork and spoon, the pan I fried my egg in, and the little spatula.  Voila!  Dishes done.  Sure it takes an extra five minutes I have to squeeze into my morning, but it's tremendously easier than doing the job in one big collection.

Are you proud of me or what?


  1. I can't STAND having a bunch of dishes hanging around. Though I use a dishwasher, I prefer it to always be dirty. As soon as it is clean, the next person to touch it should empty it. That was always the rule growing up, and it works. No huge stack of dishes to wash!

  2. I AM proud of you. I have a hard time putting my dishes into the DISHWASHER when I use them. *sigh*


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