Thursday, June 19, 2008

... And They Brought a Friend

I'm in charge of the kiddos this afternoon.  My sister's kiddos, that is.  When I first arrived here, all four of them were gone to friends' houses.  Friends' houses with pools.  I was told that they would probably be there all afternoon, and I most likely wouldn't see them...because who could tear a kid away from a friend's house with a POOL?

Guess what.  Two of the youngest kiddos came home within minutes of their mom leaving me here all alone by myself to supervise...and brought a friend.  Did I mention I'm here all alone and left to supervise?  I'm keeping an eye on them playing in the backyard now. 

First they were working on creating a water slide out of their swing set slide by hosing it down.  That didn't seem like such a good idea to me, so I nixed that one.  Then their game turned to throwing a bubble maker toy up and down the slide about 100 times.  They laughed every single time, which puzzles me.  What is so funny about that?  I was concerned for moments that they were going to stand on a Frisbee and slide down the slide, but I guess I jumped the gun on that one.  They were just going to slide the Frisbee down the slide.  Can you spell P-A-N-I-C? 

Looks like maybe they're going to run through the Blue's Clues sprinkler now.  Nope.  Guess not.  I just saw the hose disappear.  Hmmm.  Wonder what they're up to?

Say a prayer for me.  Having the friend here is stressing me out.


  1. You are hilarious! I wouldn't have even thought twice about what they were doing.LOL

  2. I always like when the kids I babysit have a friend over because they will play together with less bickering than if it's just siblings. Plus, they usually don't want to have anything to do with me so I can do something else, just checking on them occasionally.


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