Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Challenge!

This was a scheduled running day for me.  And since running has sort of become an obsession with me, I put out a challenge for myself.  I decided to throw out the training schedule for today and set a goal...something I've been dreaming about since December 2007. 

I knew I could not take all of you out for this exciting excursion, so I decided to bring it to you via video.  (Amy Beth, the princess of video blogging, is my inspiration for this media presentation.)

This is so exciting!  Take a look at what happened...



  1. Yea Liz! You are too cute, btw! I loved the video!

  2. Thanks! I got a real kick out of making the video. I'm probably a bit too narcissistic for my own good. :D

  3. You are hilarious!! How on earth did you videotape yourself running? Did you notice that you have a lisp?...

  4. you must been very proud of yourself and how do you able to make a video out of yourself running...amazing.

  5. That is awesome!! I know how you felt. :-)


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