Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just Gotta Love Her!

If you haven't met Amy Beth of Ministry So Fabulous yet, you are missing out on some funny stuff.  You must go over and visit her blog today.  I just happened across her blog a couple weeks ago, and she is a bright spot in my day.  She is definitely on my list of favorite blog reads now, right up there with ohamanda! and BigMama.  She is a crazy, sassy, single gal who runs a non-profit organization.  All I can say is, you have got to love a woman who is not afraid to make a video of herself singing in the car.  I totally want to do that, too!


  1. You're too kind!

    I just ran across her blog, too. I bloglined it but only read it a few times, now that you suggested it, I'll have to be more serious in my reading! ;)

  2. I've recently started reading her too. So funny!


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