Thursday, June 12, 2008

Time For a Meme

This is a really good day for a meme, dontcha think?  I'll answer that for you.  Yes, it is.  I woke up dizzy in the night from straining my neck when I mowed the lawn yesterday.  I popped half a Dramamine and have paid the consequences for that ever since.  Talk about d-r-o-w-s-y.  So, off with the meme...

What is the worst meal you ever had? 

I can't remember a meal, but I do remember the day I tried brussel sprouts for the first time.  I was at Old Country Buffet and figured since they had them, I'd try them.  I popped one in my mouth, and...OH.MY.WORD.....thought I'd choke on it.  There was no swallowing.  It totally went into a napkin.

Name one place you could vacation every year? 

C'mon!  Where else would I go?  Disney World all the way, baby!

5 things that drive you crazy?

1.  Misspelled words

2.  When Rich goes to bed and then our cat Teddy decides to go into wild mode.  Do you know he shoved my bunch of bananas off the counter the other night?  (hey, there go my Google banana rankings again)

3.  Kids who ride their bikes or walk down the middle of the street without looking for traffic.

4.  Having wet hair that soaks into my shirt.  (Bleck!!)

5.  Restraining myself from buying a donut when I go to the grocery store.

Name 3 people from your past that make you stop and think, “Hey, I wonder what ever happened to…”

1.  Nancy

2.  Sean

3.  Edward (my kindergarten boyfriend)

Kids' TV show you might actually enjoy more than your kids do? 

I don't have kids, so I really can't answer that.

Worst movie you’ve ever seen? 

Madagascar.  We watched the whole thing, and when it was over I said, "Why did we waste our time watching that?" 

Most under-rated TV show you watch regularly? 

I guess I don't watch much primetime regularly.  I sometimes watch Bones, but I don't know how underrated that is.

Most popular TV show you never watch? 

Lost.  I tried watching the first episode, and I couldn't follow it.  So I gave up trying.  It's now dawning on me WHY the show is called "Lost".

Celebrity whose looks you’d like to have? 

I don't know.  I guess I don't get into the glam.

Celeb you can’t stand? 

I think I have a LIST, but I guess Rosie O'Donnell would be at the top.

What did you do today? 

Slept in because I took Dramamine for dizziness in the middle of the night.  Went into work late.  Ran a couple laps.  Ate lunch and went back to bed.  Watched Brady Bunch.  Had grilled steaks for dinner.  And now I'm blogging. 

Who are you tagging? 

Nobody.  Grab this one, if you'd like.

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  1. I did this Liz! My first one! I don't know if I did it right, but it was fun just the same!!! Thanks!


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