Friday, October 03, 2008

And Now My Dog Will Do A Trick

I don't know if any of you dog lovers watched that reality series "Greatest American Dog", but we did and loved it. I hope they bring it back again in a few months. We enjoyed watching the dogs and their owners compete in various tasks and challenges. Those dogs were amazing.

On the finale, one of the judges did a "leave it" command with a Boxer by placing the treat right on his paw, and it intrigued me. Ever since then, we've been practicing "leave it" with Dixie. It's crazy the way she does it. We set the treat in front of her, tell her leave it, and she gets up and walks away, all the while looking at the treat out of the corner of her eye. It seems to be such a great temptation that she feels like she has to walk away from it.

So I tried to capture that on video for you, but with my hand full of treats and the camera on, she was quite distracted and didn't perform exactly as she usually does. Here's what I was able to get out of her, and you'll notice she quickly reverts to her old standby trick of roll over. She may not be the smartest dog, but she is so stinkin cute!


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  1. I'm not an animal lover, but I did catch that show a couple of weeks ago wondering what in the world it was. What has TV programming come to?

    On another note, my mom taught my brother's dog, Boomer, a similar thing. He now won't eat a treat until you tell him he can. You can put in your hand right in front of his face, and he'll only sniff it until you say "okay."


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