Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Day at the Office: Edition #2

Now back by popular demand, I give you A Day at the Office: Edition #2.

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  1. The Filer's Prayer
    For Liz

    Dear Lord,
    When there's piles in my inbox
    and filing must be done
    of the work that's in my office,
    filing ranks below a one.
    Give me peace and utter patience
    help me be a busy bee
    Lord help me through the process with some chocolate (fat free?)
    Help me see I'm making headway and the battle's almost won.
    Just give me endurance with my time and the inbox will be done!!
    By Candy

    Now I have something to pray for you next time you have stacks and stacks of filing to do. :D

  2. I can't believe Candy wrote me a poem. That's awesome!

  3. Just got around to watching it. I have to wait until there is no one else here. I thought that was just because I didn't want to share the audio, but now I'm glad I waited because I cracked up! You're hilarious, Liz. And yes, you SHOULD make this a regular segment. I'm have tempted to tackle my pile of filing stuff in your honor (but I probably won't).

  4. I love making people crack up, so I'm glad I brought some humor to your day.

    Take it from me, though. No one should ever procrastinate on filing. Never ever. You'll regret it.


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