Saturday, November 15, 2008


This morning I was challenged by the Internet Cafe Devotions to pray for everything.  I do spend time in prayer every morning, and I'm in process of learning to lay everything at the Lord's feet.  It's still a struggle, though.  I know I'm not surrendering everything because often after the amen I carry it with me out of my room, off to fix breakfast, and then out the door to work.  Stuff is always on my mind it seems, which tells me I never surrendered it at all.

Rather than having a continual dialog with the Lord, I mull things and fret.  I work those things over and over in my head from every angle.  Pray?  Not always my first thought. 

For instance, last night I heard the weather forecast for Monday.  It's not looking good, folks.  They're talking snow for northern Indiana, and plenty of it.  Six inches by Monday night?  That's untypical for November around here, so it caught me a little off guard.  What really started my fretting is that Judy is flying into Indianapolis on Monday and will be driving home the snow...if Mr. Meteorologist is correct. 

I started mulling that over...

What if the roads are bad?  I hope she's safe.  What if there's just too much snow, and she has to stay in Indy overnight?  She has to teach Bible study on Tuesday morning.  What about that?  I love Tuesday mornings and Bible study.  It's my favorite morning of the week.  Stupid snow!  Why snow now?  Stupid meteorologist! 

...And there you have it.  Mulling and fretting, even a bit hostile toward the weatherman, but not praying. 

I was reminded how a few weeks ago I had determined I was going to talk to the Lord about everything.  We were going to have these great conversations about what was going on in my life, and I had great intentions of sharing it all with Him, knowing His great love for me.  I haven't done very well in that.  It seems like I need to renew that commitment again.

Philippians 4:6 - Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;


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  1. Thanks for answering the "Chat" question today. I think I find myself doing the same thing at times, but I need to remind myself of God's Word telling us not to worry and be anxious.

    Please come back every week and answer the Saturday question.

    Blessings, Kim

  2. "I mull things and fret"--me too!! Thanks for this encouragement to pray about all things, knowing the Lord is faithful to hear and answer according to His good and perfect will!


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