Tuesday, November 18, 2008

30 Days to Freedom

Tuesday, November 18.  It may seem like just another Tuesday to you, but this day marks a very important milestone in my life.  I've been on a journey to freedom.  Freedom of the open road.

Let me take you back to September 4th, the day of my car accident.  There was one small detail I left out of the story, which unfolded into crisis.  I learned just minutes after my fender bender that our insurance had lapsed four days prior because we never received our bill.  Completely unawares, I was driving without car insurance, which is against the law.  And warrants a ticket.

Three weeks later when I went to the city building to pay the fine, much to my displeasure I was informed that my license would be suspended for 90 days.  I repeat... 90 DAYS!  That's 3 months.  I was stunned!  Of course, my mind started racing, thinking about all the places I needed to go and wouldn't be able to.  I was a mess.

But life goes on.

It's been a benefit to live within 5-10 minutes of parents, friends, the church, and the grocery store.  My loved ones have been taking turns driving me to where I need to be.  It's been interesting, and that's about all I'll say about that. 

I've been tempted on more than one occasion to just hop in my car and drive.  I wouldn't care where.  I just want to DRIVE.  But jail is a pretty hefty deterrent.  I would not fare well behind bars.  So I submit to remaining a passenger until the appointed date.

What makes today special is that it marks the countdown of my 30 Days to Freedom.  On December 18th, everyone better move out of the way.  Liz will be back on the road and ready to burn rubber!

I think I might drive to Walmart.


  1. I thought about that recently. I wondered when your 90 days were up...I knew it was some time in December. It'll be an early Christmas present!

    Oh, I love the new background! I'm such a sucker for brown and pretty much any color, but especially blue. Your blog would match our living room quite nicely. =)

  2. Oh, Liz! I cannot imagine. My car is dead right now and I'm going stir crazy!

  3. "I think I might drive to Walmart." okay, I laughed out loud at that. Come on girl, pick someplace a little more wild for your inaugural "get out of jail" drive! :)

    Glad you're playing along next Tuesday!

  4. Congrats, Liz! This happened to me about 18 years ago as well. My story didn't go as well though because over the 3 months I lost my driving privileges, I lost my job and thus, my apartment. Ah, memories! Live and learn..

    Dana T


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