Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Neighbors

We aren't the type of folks who get all in our neighbors' business.  We're more of the observant type.  So we haven't been exactly sure about what's been going on next door.  All we know is that the man who used to live there moved out months ago and then began doing repairs around the house a few weeks ago.  We never saw a "For Sale" or "For Rent" sign, but in the past week we've seen different vehicles out front and a couple we didn't recognize coming and going from the house.  Thus, we came to the conclusion that we have new neighbors.

It's always a tricky thing when you get new neighbors.  Will they be noisy?  Will they treat their backyard like a dump?  Will they be the type to throw parties and play loud music into the wee hours of the morning?  Yeah, it's always a wait-and-see game when new neighbors move in.

So?  Our new neighbors?  They have a dog.  Rumor has it (and that means Rich looked out the window and reported back to me) that it's a Boxer.  A Boxer who barks.  {sigh}

That's bad news.  Bad. Bad. News.

On the west side of us lives a wiry, little yipper.  Some sort of mini pinscher?  Dixie can hear that little guy the nano-second he steps out his back door and starts barking in our living room, which of course, sets the yipper to barking back in reply from outside.  Now on the east side we have the Boxer, who started barking in its backyard last night while the little yipper was on the other side barking back.  Which then set Dixie to barking because that's just what a dog does when it hears other neighbor-dogs barking.

Have I mentioned that we don't like the barking so much?  {sigh}


  1. I'm afraid you wouldn't like me as your neighbor. It's all the so-late-into-the-night-it's-morning parties I throw. At least one a weekend.

    Okay, I'm obviously kidding. There's a dog somewhere in our apartment complex or the next that has taken to howling. He's done it at least 2x when I've been trying to fall asleep.

  2. Liz,
    So I understand the horrors of the unknown neightbor. When we lived in an apt. complex, we had yellers upstairs. The couple obviously didn't get along and he would yell at her. We were always listening for hitting...we were ready to report spousal abuse.
    There was also a guy who lived 2 apt. down and he was constantly being kicked out of the apt. by his girlfriend/wife and he would moan at the door....let me in....for the longest time. When we finally moved to this house, we have a Great Dane on one side and a little cocker spaniel on the other side, they bark a lot, but after the loud people, we just don't care. When Jen Jackson and I lived together there was a boy who would bounce his basketball right over our apt. ( we were bottom floor) and we would get so aggrivated that we would get a broom and start banging it on the ceiling until he stopped. We also had a creepy neighbor who had a fascination with Jen and always smiled at her in a way that wasn't pleasant...we never knew if he was like a wanted poster person or not. You don't really know about neighbors.....hope the dogs learn to like each other and quiet down for you 2. There's nothing like peace and quiet is there?


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