Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I don't know how trials seem to come to your life, but mine seem to come in threes.  At least it seems that way.  And often one trial has a way of crossing into another, so that they are intertwined with each other.  One problem affecting the other.

I'm there.  I've been there for weeks. 

I've been quiet, but that doesn't mean I have nothing to say.  There's so much going on in my heart, and God is teaching me so much about Himself and my relationship with Him.  One of these days I may let it spill out before you, but not today.  And if you want to talk about the reality of discovering Liz, I am truly discovering this new person I'm becoming.  That old Liz is being purged.  The transformation that has taken place inside of me is an amazing discovery.  I don't know how evident it is on the outside, but knowing where my heart used to be and comparing it to where I am today, trust me when I say the change is amazing.  God is amazing.

That's not to say I've got it all together.  I've sinned in my trials.  God has been gracious to show me the sin quickly, though, and I've dealt with it.  But even that is a gift.  For God to show me my sin and my seeing it immediately, that alone shows me that something is changing in me.

God is good.


  1. The work God chooses to do in our heart is seldom easy... but always worth it!!!

    Keep moving forward with and in Him!

  2. I've been there too in those times of pruning. While they're not "fun" we know that they are necessary in order to grow in the hands of our loving God!


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