Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I'm Okay With That

Something odd happened today.  I was out to lunch with some friends, and when we were leaving, my stomach wasn't feeling so hot.  That's not the odd part.  That's been normal for months.  I'm leading up to the odd part.  Anyway, I told them that I wasn't feeling well and needed to get home.  One of them jokingly said, Why don't you get a colonoscopy.  To which I replied, I'm going to.  They looked at me with surprise and asked, Really?  I said, Yeah, I really am.  I made an appointment and everything."

Do you know what?  And this is this odd part.  I was O-K-A-Y with that.  I am okay with getting my colonoscopy.  I've discovered it's actually freeing to have an appointment and know that there is a date that it will be over with and we'll find out what might be going on in the dark recesses of my body.

Alright... one of you has been praying for me.  Which one of you was it?

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