Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So the Police Showed Up...

There is something very unsettling about the police showing up at your door.  At night.  I heard a slight commotion outside last night, and Dixie started barking.  I realized that I was hearing the sound of a radio going back and forth in front of my house.  Then it sounded like it was at the side of my house.  I finally decided to peek through the blinds and check out where the noise was coming from. 

That's when I saw the policemen.  At my front steps.  That's highly unsettling, people.  Highly unsettling!

They were looking for a man in a dark or red shirt.  A neighbor had reported that a couple had been fighting, and someone was lying or was thrown onto the railroad tracks behind our home.  I didn't quite understand the scenario, but again... HIGHLY UNSETTLING.

I told them I didn't know anything was going on, so they continued to walk back and forth and investigating around the tracks.  They didn't find anything, so they left.

Maybe if I put things into a context, you will understand why the scenario creeps me out.  I mean, just the idea of someone lying on the tracks is creepy, but there is more to it than that.  The context is that our neighbor gives me the creeps.  I wouldn't be surprised if he was the one that they were looking for, who had been in the argument.  He argues fairly regularly at the top of his lungs with his various girlfriends, cursing them up and down, out in the yard in broad daylight.  The police have been out here to pay him a visit before over other issues.  Not such a friendly visit, mind you.  More of a slamming-him-up-against-the-garage kind of visit while they searched his house.

Have I mentioned that this is highly unsettling?!?


  1. Yikes...that would scare me too! Our apartment complex has been so quiet, it's nice. We're in a low-crime area (according to a local police officer), and I haven't once seen anything shady/suspicious/unsettling. Though I have heard that one of our neighbors is a creep, but I haven't personally seen anything to confirm that.

  2. That is very interesting I know it would scare me. keep safe


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