Monday, April 14, 2008

Somebody, Stop Me!


I have always enjoyed buying books from you because you have the best prices around, but not send me any more of your catalogs.  Do you know what you do to me?  You stir feelings within me that are best left unstirred.  You see, I have a stack of books and a list yea long of books still needing my attention, yet I am enticed by your book summaries and recommendations and find myself longing for more.  It's honestly more than a girl can take.  I'm wishful and hopeful that I am going to read them voraciously, so much so that I would join the Spring Reading Thing 2008.  But do you know where I find myself these days?  Still trying to finish the first book on my list.

Take a look at my list...

  1. War of Words in progress
  2. God Is The Gospel  in progress
  3. What Jesus Demands of the World
  4. Vienna Prelude: Zion Covenant #1  in progress
  5. Prague Counterpoint: Zion Covenant #2
  6. Mozart's Sister
  7. Summer of the Midnight Sun: Alaskan Quest #1

#1 on the list is almost finished.  Just have 2 1/2 chapters to go.  #4 on the list?  Don't even have it in my possession at the moment.  Had to take it back to the library because I had it for 3 weeks, renewed it for another 3 weeks, still ran out of time, and had to return it.  RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BOOK. 

Do you see my problem?  I can't even finish a simple novel in 6 weeks.  So please,, do not enable me. 




  1. I hear you! I get them all the time. There are just too many books!

    I think I have Zion Covenant #1, do you want me to mail it to you? (I'm a big fan obviously!)

  2. I hope you're enjoying "War of Words," I did.

    I don't like how CBD sends so many catalogs! If I want to buy something, I'll go online and order it!


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