Friday, April 18, 2008

On The Prowl

I think at this very moment we have an unwelcomed guest in our home, and I hope we can keep him contained in the loft area.  I guess there's nothing keeping him there because mice are pretty small and can fit into tight places.  He could easily slip under that door.

About half an hour ago, Bailey was sitting at the loft door just looking at it, as if he wanted to go upstairs.  We weren't real sure why, seeing as neither Rich nor I has been up there recently.

Rich headed to bed early, not feeling so well, and I've been here getting ready to blog.  All of a sudden Bailey, Teddy and I hear commotion coming from the other side of the door to the loft, and we start to stare at it intently.  The cats immediately went to the door to see what was afoot.  Of course, I continued to stare intently at the bottom of the door, hoping profusely that nothing squirmy, squealy and furry would make an entrance, as well as to make sure I didn't need to be "afoot"...that is about A FOOT OFF THE FLOOR UP ON A CHAIR WHERE A MOUSE CANNOT GET ME.

I did manage to get some play-by-play video footage of the investigation.  (Sorry about the dark lighting.  It is not a well lit area.)  I'm sure you will find it as spine-chilling and hair-raising as I did.  Take a look....

Uh...okay...gotta go.  I'm hearing more noises.  Yikes!

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