Sunday, April 20, 2008

On The Prowl - Part 2

Remember this little post from two days ago about Teddy hunting down a mouse?  Well, it seems we were looking for the wrong species.  Let me tell ya, perspective is everything.  I sat here two nights ago hoping against all hope that a mouse would not come scurrying out from under that door.  Today, I would gladly welcome a furry little guy...maybe even make him a pet...knowing what I know now.

You see, we did not have one of these:


We had one of THESE!


In case you didn't know...THAT'S A BAT, PEOPLE!

Thank goodness I wasn't home at the time it was discovered.  Teddy found the bat in the basement and brought him up to the kitchen for us.  Rich went to see what he was playing with, and there it was, lying in the middle of the floor on its back.  He grabbed it up with a grocery sack and took it outside to release him safely into the air, and he flew away. 

Putting all the pieces of this drama together now makes complete sense.  When Rich and I came home on Friday, we 2184081366couldn't understand why our mini-blinds in the dining room looked like this - with the slats broken.  We figured Teddy had seen a bug up high and decided to jump for it.  It makes SO much more sense now that the bat must've been in our living quarters and he was trying to get it.  We just didn't think he would jump that high to grab a bug and break our mini-blinds.

It thoroughly creeps me out to know that thing was in my house.  On top of that, people are telling us bats are coming out of hibernation this time of year, so it was just looking for a way out.  My question is, THIS THING HAS BEEN LIVING IN MY ATTIC?!?!?!? 

That's it!  I'm moving!


  1. Yeah, that would creep me out too! My mom has them in her garage but she lives on a farm. She just can't rid of the little beasts. During the day you can see one or two hanging from the beams. They are really little.

  2. I told you the little guy had a family somewhere and I would be on the lookout! I would be aware of full moons too.;)

  3. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! I don't do wildlife, but I definitely don't think I could handle something flying around!


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