Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ten on Tuesday


Ten Things You'd Fix in Your Home (if you had the time and money)

  1. Install a dishwasher
  2. Expand our bedroom for more space
  3. Put up a fence in the backyard for Dixie to run free
  4. Remodel the kitchen with updated cabinets and countertops
  5. Add a pantry
  6. Buy new windows for better insulation in winter
  7. Install new carpeting or hardwood flooring throughout
  8. Change the color of the siding
  9. Get a new refrigerator
  10. Finish the basement.

I could hardly think of one more thing.  Honestly, I'm pretty content with our home.  It's small, but there's only two of us and it meets our needs.  Everything we have functions, so I can't complain.


  1. Sounds like you'd be busy!

    Mine's up too!

  2. I'm with you on having to be creative to finish the list, because I'm really content with our place, too. It was a good exercise in taking stock of what's what, though.

    The main thing I would enjoy would be the time to do as thorough of a cleaning to the place as I desire.


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