Saturday, April 19, 2008

Things That Go Bump In The Night

I am disappointed because I missed the big earthquake Friday.  Where was that?  Somewhere in Illinois?  Yeah, it was felt even north of us into Michigan.  It happened around 5:30 AM, but I slept right through it because my alarm was set for 5:45.  My friend told me it shook the bed and rattled the doors, and my mom said her whole house was doing a shimmy.  And I missed it. 

At first I wondered how I slept through it, but then I remembered we live next to train tracks.  We're pretty accustomed to having our bed shaken and doors rattled every day at various times.  We've tuned those things out.

We've lived here almost two years now, and I can still remember the first night in our house.  It was probably midnight, and I awoke to a terrible noise and shaking.  I was immediately wide awake and preparing to die at the oncoming impact that was surely imminent... What is that?!?  Oh, that's just a train coming RIGHT THROUGH THE HOUSE.  Yeah, it wasn't really, but it definitely sounded like it was headed directly for us and literally had my blood pumping.  The days following, we quickly adapted and started running a fan in our room.  It drowns out the noise pretty well.

So earthquakes, tornadoes, trains...they all sound the same to us.  We'll probably die in our bed one of these days.  Should you miss my blog after a few days, send a search party, will you?

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