Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Sister's Closet

If you have a sister, you probably know how fun it is when she decides to weed out the clothes she can no longer wear.  I tried to help her with that years ago when we lived at home, but she didn't appreciate it then.  Getting ready for school in the morning and bored with wearing the same things over and over again, I'd get into her closet and find something she hadn't worn in months and put it on.  I mean, if she wasn't going to wear it, then someone should.  But for some reason that made her mad.

Kathy has apparently been sorting through her closet this week, which reminds me that's something I need to do, too.  She sorted out a lot of things and sent me a big bag full of clothes to try on.  Of course, we won't talk about why she can't wear them anymore nor draw any attention to the fact that she is skinnier than me works out like a fiend to keep her girlish figure.  I am so glad she's got good taste in fashion because if this stuff fits, I'm gonna look GOOD this summer.  Can't wait to try it all on.

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  1. Well, it's nice for you because you don't have to spend any more, but I had to go spend $50 today on some capris and shirts so I would have something to wear this spring.
    I hope they all fit!;)


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