Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bring It On!

The only thing I dread about summer is never having the right shoes.  Maybe that's because I'm picky about the fit and the style.  I'm not sure how all you gals wear those flip flops.  I just can't stand that little thong rubbing between my toes.  Do you build up a callous or something?  I really want to be "hip" and "with it" along with all of you, but when I try them on, all I imagine is having blisters by day 2 of trying to break them in.

It always takes me forever to find that ONE sandal I will wear to death for a season.  Last year I never even had to shop because my sister had bought a pair for $10 and then decided they didn't really fit her well.  I gave her $10 and took them off her hands.  I was pretty pleased with that, and I wore them a lot.  The only others I wear every year are my Birkenstocks that hang on year after year.  They're pretty much a staple.

Well, this summer, life as my feet know it is going to be different.  They are going to be stylin' because wait until you see what I did today.

The superstore where Rich works was having a special Saturday sale.  The shoes were "Buy One, Get One for $1".  The last time I took advantage of that deal was about 6 months ago when I got two pairs of running shoes.  Nothing like saving $70!  So he told me to get over there today and see about some shoes.  I went, not knowing what I really need.  I haven't pulled any spring clothes out yet because it's just been too cold.  But if your husband says to go buy shoes, I really think a wife ought to submit to that, no matter how hard it is to shop.

Well, look at what I came home with, and tell me if I did good or not.


First, I found these.  Oh, so comfortable!!



Then I found these.  I never would've bought these, but they were only $1!

Floral Tennis Shoes


Then there were these, which I thought would be good with jeans or capris.


And finally, I just HAD to have these and would not have bought them in a million years because they just don't seem practical.  But you can't go wrong when they're Buy One, Get One for $1.  They're my favorite of all 4.

4/12/08 - A Bargain!

Now, did I mention how much my little shopping spree cost after our employee discount and a special 20% off coupon?  No?  Well, how does 40 DOLLARS sound?  My receipt said I saved $69.  My feet have never been sooo ready for summer before.  Time to paint those toenails! 

Summer?  BRING IT ON!


  1. Nice Job Liz! Those are all so super-cute! You better get those toes done, b/c if you're anything like me, you'll have a hard time waiting to wear those!!!

  2. Totally cute shoes! I need some new looks that fit in my budget!

  3. I think that I had to get used to wearing flip flops, but it's hard to remember. They became "cool" when I was in high school, and I remember that it felt very breezy to wear them when I wasn't going swimming. For a flip flop newbie I would definitely recommend ones with a little thicker soles and cloth in between the toes. You do work up a callous though, and they are totally comfortable (aside from the lack of arch support, thin sole, and dropping things on your feet, of course!).

    I really like the $1 shoes!

  4. How cute! I love both of those little flats---so fun!

    I'm a flip flop girl...find some leather flip flops instead of those yucky plastic ones from Target. But I do think you need to "break them in" now that I think about it.

    I actually caved and bought crocs on our cruise!

  5. Old Navy flip flops all the way, baby!!!


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