Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Themed Gift Basket

During this season of giving, you might be thinking of a unique and personal gift for your BFF, mother, daughter, or any girl on your list. In response to a request over at OhAmanda's blog, she has asked people to either tell about a themed gift basket they have received or to describe a themed gift basket that they would give. (This is for a special giveaway she's having during her oh! ho! ho! bloggy Christmas event. Feel free to enter, too.)

I really, truly, and honestly did not think I could come up with anything. I've never received a themed gift basket, and I really didn't think I was creative enough to think one up for someone else. Crazy how your mind goes to work, though. I've suddenly come up with a theme that I would enjoy putting together, so here it is.

I would create an Anne of Green Gables gift basket. It would include the DVD set of all three movies, an Anne of Green Gables book, a dictionary, a book of poetry, a framed picture of Prince Edward Island, the CD soundtrack, and a box of black hair dye. I would place it all in a white wicker basket and tie it up with a green check ribbon.

I kinda like it.


  1. I ADORE IT! The black hair dye just makes it! So perfect. And you said you weren't creative!

    (thank you.)

  2. Brilliant! I'd want that basket :0)


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