Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A Christmas Secret

Okay, I'm going to reveal a secret about my childhood Christmases. I don't even think my parents know about this, and yet I'm sharing here on my blog. On the worldwide web. Practically with the whole world. Or at least the 3 people who read this. (You know who you are.)

Anyway, it is a little-known fact that my sister and I are underground entertainers, meaning we did it subversively, and Christmastime was the time when we would go nuts. The reason our parents may not know is because while Dad was at work and Mom would head to the grocery store, we would wait until the car was out of the driveway and then make our move.

I'd go to the family room, move the furniture out of the way, head to the record player, find our favorite Carpenters Christmas album, and pop that baby on the turntable. Next thing you know, we were variety show stars. At least, in our own minds. We had this wonderful fireplace that had a brick ledge all the way across the front of it. It was perfect for standing on and singing with a microphone. (This is a picture of the room. Don't ya love the red shag carpet?) Oh, the shows we put on! And we danced around the room to I'll Be Home For Christmas, Sleigh Ride, and Jingle Bells...as every good Baptist girl would. :) It was the time of my life.

So now you know my biggest Christmas secret. You won't tell anyone, will you?

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